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Address:Datong Xinrong District Garden Garden Tunxiang Tuncun
P c:037002
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   Datong Yu Lin De Graphite New Material Go,.Ltd. is located in Datong Xinrong District Garden Village Economic Development Zone business park, a registered capital of 66 million yuan. Its affiliated companies Datong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd., Tongyang Datong Carbon Co., Ltd. two wholly owned subsidiaries. Company employees 120 people, of whom 40 were technical staff, engineers, technicians more than ...... [More]
  Company News
·  The Company held R & D sympo 2015-7-3
·  German customers to Division 2015-7-3
·  Japanese customers to Divisi 2015-7-3
·  The company made the Haixi G 2015-7-3
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DatongYuLinDeGraphlte Equlpment Co.,ltd Address:Datong xinrong Economic Develop District,shanxi,china Website:sxbainuo
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